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Title Finding the True Self : Talks of the Seon Mountain Monk Jinje
References 관리자 (Date : 2014.06.14 / Click : 2924)
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Through Dharma talks, Q&A, essays on practice, and conversations with leading scholars, Master Jinje speaks with urgency and compassion about the central work of his life: finding one's true self. In a style at once encouraging and uncompromising, he shares his stories and stories of past masters, revealing again and again that realization is possible. We cannot but question whether or not we are ready to embark on this arduous journey. Most vitally important for us to walk this path is having the correct attitude. Infinitely deep faith and ferocious courage reaching the sky are the keys. If you possess these qualities, attaining enlightenment is as easy as touching your nose while washing this face. A lifetime monastic and now the Supreme Patriarch of the Jogye Order, the largest Buddhist order in Korea, Master Jinje guides tens of thousands of monks and millions of laypeople on the path to enlightenment. His work is an expression of his commitment to spread Dharma through Seon practice.