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Open the Mind, See the Light
This is a book containing Ven. Jinje's latest interviews and Dharma talks published in English. This book may be very helpful for the foreingers who would like to learn Korean authentic Ganhwa Seon. It was translated by Ven. Hyongak and edited by Prof. Robert E. Buswell.
148mm x 222mm / Hardcover / 268 pages / Publisher: Economic Daily
A Stone Man Fetches Water, A Wooden Maiden Picks Flowers
Interviews with five major Daily Newspapers about life and enlightenment. Lectures from International Dharma assembly, Retreat Dharma lectures, and conversations with Seon Master SongCheol sunim as well as more than 50 photographs.
148mm x 222mm / 348 pages
Moon pulled out from an Old Pond (古潭漉月)
A compilation of 81 cases from historical masters teachings. Taken from dharma lectures given at Donghwasa monastery, Haeunjeongsa temple and Fundamental Zen training the Master's comments for each case is a light for each generation. This is a definitive compilation for Ganhwa Seon.
148mm x 222mm / Hardcover / 485 pages
Seon, One Hundred Questions and Answers (禪百問百答)
A concise and practical book answering common questions put forth by both laypeople and experienced meditators regarding meditation and Ganhwa Seon.
148mm x 222mm / 200 pages
The Stone man laughs (石人大笑)
The Master's first book compiling dharma lectures. What is Ganhwa Seon? How to practice Ganhwa Seon?
148mm x 222mm / 464 pages

Open the Mind, To See the Light - 2DVD
1. An American Theologian's experience with Korean Ganhwa Seon (KBS Documentary)
2. Talks between Jinje Seonsa and Paul F. Knitter (BBS Special)
Dharma Assembly for BBC (Buddhist Television Network)
1. Enlightenment of Seon Master Hyewol and Jinje
2. Enlightenment of Seon Master Unbong
3. Enlightenment of Seon Master Hyanggok
4. Enlightenment of Seon Master Gyeongheo
4 part series - 4DVD / 4VHS / 4 Audio Tape
Dharma Talks between Seon Master Jinje and SongCheol (Winter Retreat in 2009)
After receiving confirmation from Master Hyanggok, the Master Jinje payed respects to the Master SongCheol on two separate occasions. This is the first time the contents of these Dharma talks have been presented to an audience.
DVD / VHS / Audio Tape
Open Seon Dharma Assembly (Bumeosa Monastery, 2005.5.7)
Invited by Bumeosa monastery and Hyundai Buddhist Newspaper Jinje sunim was requested to be the Dharma Lord for this Assembly about Seon. After the lecture the Master had an open question and answer session.
DVD / VHS / Audio Tape / 88min.
Dharma Assembly for Laymen
Every year in the fall the Master has a Dharma Assembly for Laymen. How can people living in society pursue their practice? This lecture clarifies how laypeople can pursue enlightenment while their lives.
DVD / VHS / 73min.
International Open Seon Conference in 2002
Dharma Talks of Korean, Chinese, Japanese Seon Masters in the first International Open Seon Conference in Korea held at Haeunjeongsa monastery.
VCD / VHS / Audio Tape
Dharma Talks of Seon Master Jinje
- 1st Open Seon Conference in 1998(Video CD)
- 2nd Open Seon Conference in 2000(Video CD)
- Dharma Talks for Summer Retreat in 2002(Video CD)
- Right Way to Ganhwa Seon(Audio CD)
3VCD & 1CD 1set