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7   South Korean Buddha visits Riverside Church

In his first trip to the United States, Zen Master Jinje delivered a Dharma talk on the philosophy of Ganhwa Seon to a packed congregation in the church's nave.       (Original Article)        
References : Columbia Spectator   Date : 2011/09/16    Click : 822
6   Master Jinje, Revered Korean Buddhist Teacher, Travels To...

On the rare occasions that Master Jinje travels outside his monastery in the rural mountains of South Korea, he is greeted by crowds of Koreans who have taken to practicing Ganhwa Seon, the unique form of Zen meditation that he has spent decades i...
References : Huffington Post   Date : 2011/09/16    Click : 837
5   A Buddhist Example of Interfaith Dialogue - Paul F. Knitter

  Dr. Paul F. Knitter Professor of Theology, World Religions and Culture, Union Theological Seminary     A Buddhist Example of Interfaith Dialog     Earlier this year, my wife Cathy and I spent eight days being gently ru...
References : Huffington Post   Date : 2011/09/15    Click : 876
4   Korean Seon master Jinje leads prayer procession at 9.11 ...

The 79th Patriarch of the Jogye Order of Korean Buddhism, Jinje Seonsa, visited the 9/11 memorial in New York at Ground Zero last week to pay his respects to those who lost their lives on 9/11.          
References : Shambhala Sun   Date : 2011/09/14    Click : 794
3   Korean Dharma Descendant of the Buddha Visits 9/11 Memorial

This afternoon, guests touring the newly opened National September 11th Memorial saw an unusual sight -- the greatest living master of Korean Seon (Zen), and the 79th Dharma Descendant of the Buddha, leading his monks in a chant of remembrance at ...
References : CNN   Date : 2011/09/14    Click : 818
2   A Place for Doubt - Robert Buswell

  Robert Busswell Distinguished Professor of Buddhist Studies, UCLA     A Place for Doubt     The 9/11 terrorist attacks were fostered in no small measure by the certitude of a handful of religious zealots that their ...
References : huffingtonpost   Date : 2011/09/09    Click : 854
1   Seon Master Jinje will travel to the West for the first t...

        Greatest Living Master of Seon (Zen) Buddhism   Secluded in Korea.   Until now:   Seon (Zen) Master Jinje, the 79th Patriarch in the Korean Seon lineage that traces itself back to the Buddha himself, wil...
References : Admin   Date : 2011/07/26    Click : 1944
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